Funding Services

Angel Investors

Angel investors are the first few people who will listen to your pitch. On foreseeing a promising association, they will invest in your idea, and they may not ask much technicalities of the venture.

Venture capitalists

Venture capitalists are the professional investors who lend money only upon liking a business model. Usually, venture capitalists invest in a lump sum and are known for expecting high returns.

Managing Partners

Managing Partners are the ones who invest money and work for the company. Managing partners wear two hats: working as partner in their professional capacity, and takes care of investment needs.

Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. We raise funds by donations and/or pre-order bookings.

Corporate Loans

Corporate loans are the lending from banks and private financiers for expanding the existing businesses and for funding the startups. You will have to payback the loan by monthly installments.

Government Grants

We offer services to get grants and low interest loans from Government, NGOs, and government supported organizations for eligible businesses to buy machinery and expand the operations.

We have built an excellent reputation, by offering a wide-range business services for independent professionals, entrepreneurs, and companies.

Contact Us for an Investment Campaign

Get end-to-end service of the investment cycle

Funding Process

Discuss & Prepare

Discuss the investment needs and share the business plan, so our experts can suggest the possible funding opportunities and explain the process of various funding methods.

Run Campaign

We advertise your investment campaign to find the investors. In addition to funding, this campaign helps in marketing your brand, products and services.

Investor Meetups

We arrange meetings with investors who are interested to fund your business. We arrange multiple investor meetups so you can choose from the best possible options.

Get Funds

Our expert advisers will help you in the process of getting funds and related documentation part. They also help with mediation between concerned parties.

Funding Campaign Charges

We charge 2% to Advertise and to arrange Investor Meetups for 6 month cycle..
Client has to pay additional 2% as Gratitude Fee upon funds release.

Our Network

To Help You Grow Your Company


There are investment opportunities all around you. We show you best investment opportunities in startups, and fast growing companies.

Interest Groups

Our team helps in buying and selling companies. With proper evaluation, We make good deals for both buyers and sellers.

Service Partners

Multiply your business at zero cost through Franchisee and Dealer network. We help in finding new dealers and franchisee investors.

We Offer Business Funding Solutions Spanning Multiple Industries

Client Testimonials

BClub’s MD Viswa Korapala has 16 years experience, handling my company’s Digital Marketing and Online Sales Campaigns.

Abhishek, Powerzone Pvt Ltd.

BClub team has been very much helpful in our company’s Accounting and Tax planning. They are a smart team with very good skills.

– Dr.Swetha, Partha Hospital

BClub is one-stop hub of all business solutions. Most of our outsourcing works are catered by Biz World. We need not search for multiple vendors.

– Ashwin, MSK Solutions